I’m a writer, editor, columnist, designer, and all-around creative. I’m an author of Antagolist, a columnist at Buro Magazine, and a founder of Moodytwin

From an early age, I found myself drawn to storytelling - for over 15 years, I've delved into society, culture, identity, and relationships, translating my discoveries into words that resonate. 

Storytelling, to me, is more than a craft - it's a lifeline. It allows me to connect, cope, understand, and find peace. Whether through words, images, content, campaigns, or apparel, every endeavor of mine breathes a story.

I’m passionate about exploring human interest, captivating audiences through compelling storytelling, and delving into the nuances of human behavior. Notably, my work includes three viral articles, amassing a combined total of 1.64 million views: Women Vs. Woman’s Day, The Kravis Effect & Why ‘Spare’ Is About a Much-Needed Media Reform.

I reside in New York and I’m a freelance writer, copywriter, and brand consultant. 


Graphic Design at High School of Fine Arts, Split, Croatia. Fashion Design at TTF, Zagreb, Croatia. Liberal Arts at BMCC, New York. Advertising, Marketing & Communication at FIT, New York.